Devta Name/Local Name/Vedic Name Sreauli/ Shesh Naag
Type (Rishi, Nag, etc)
Powering Divinity (Jogini) shuka par
Associated Devtas Ghtotkach, narsingh, vir narayan, shangdi
Annual Fair (attended by which other deity) Local fairs and festivals are celebrated in month of Feb/March and July/August
Dussehra Participation/Place No


Location Distance from Kullu Directions Stay Options
Village Shapneel, Gram Panchayat Shrikot 60 km Kullu-Banjar-Ghartgad 4 km on foot FRH Shai Ropa


Legend has it Once There lived a poor lady at Shapneel. A hermit visited her house. He demanded milk from the lady. The lady told that her cow did not give milk. Sadhu told her to try milking the cow. When the lady visited to Cowshed, she surprised that she now can milk her. Then she told to hermit that she had no pot to store milk. The hermit told her to move inside and check. The lady moved inside, where she saw brass pots. The lady milked the cow and gave it to the hermit. She asked that who is he ? Then the hermit disclosed that he is Sheshnag came from Sareul and wished to established here. Saying this he was transformed into a Nag. Then people established Sheshnag Temple here.

1.) Kaardaar – ☎-
2.) Goor- ☎-
3.) Priest/ ‘Pajiara’ – ☎-
Social Media ☎-
4.) Bhandari
5.) Kuthiala
6.) Ganthidaar
7.) Paalsara
8.) Kayath
9.) Banth
10.) Jathali
11.) Dhami
12.) Mohta
13.) Phoolahri
14.) Bausan/ Nagaari
15.) Karwal
16.) Jathera/Pogaldar
17.) Nashandar
18.) Naud
19.) Swangi
20.) Wari
21.) Badhei
22.) Sonar/Thathiaya
23.) Neehar
24.) Purohit
25.) Gayak
26.) Jamaani
27.) Bajantri

Devta Haariyan is the clan which follows the particular devta or devi – it can be a village or various villages or many parts of the district which follows the devta in functions, fair and festivals etc.

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